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The cart is finally open and from the feedback I’ve seen, people are loving it…
As an affiliate, product owner or list builder, it should be obvious how even an incremental change in your email marketing results, could mean BIG improvements on your bottom line.
Even a 1% extra click through rate on a list of say 2000, could easily mean an extra 4 sales. Make that of a $100 profit each, and then multiply that by every email you send – as this is a skill for life.
Now imagine this working on your high ticket product launches at a thousand dollars plus. And when you scale your list.
Are you sitting down? I can’t tell…
I hope so.
Now imagine if you could get more than an incremental change of 1%.
What if you could get a double digit change?
Did that lightbulb just go off in your head? Mine did when I first realised the potential here in the Email Exploder “system”..
And of course best of all, email marketing is so cheap, so instant, so direct & so personal.
No ad approval needed. Pre targeted interest and buying power included. No rendering. No small talk ;-)
HEY it’s even how I am reaching YOU, right now. It works, right?
Email Exploder is the real-world case study that proves anybody can have an email empire. Even unremarkable, ordinary people like your neighbours, or exceptional people like your good self. Email Exploder has no barriers to entry.
But of course it doesn’t stop there…
You’re also going to get an exclusive chance to buy Miso’s (WordPress) software suite to automate the model and take nearly all of the pain away. So now you have the model blueprint and now the tools to scale it up.
I would have killed to have this much power when I started.
I had to learn the hard way and had the aggravation of staff to manage what should be really simple.
But you? You can just click a few buttons and go play King Of Clans over a beer.
Do you know how lucky you are?
Of course you do. It all starts by clicking this link.


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