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Dear Marketer,  

I’ve finally decided to come out of the closet … (in a manner of speaking)  

You see, I’ve been secretly crushing it with sneaky $5 Facebook ads to the tune of over 500 leads per day!  

And if you’re even remotely interested in uncovering how to generate cost effective, laser targeted and high quality Facebook traffic (even if you’re new to the whole Facebook game), then listen up …


About Ron Douglas (43 seconds):

Because I’ve already shared my secret techniques with a small batch of coaching students who are now getting incredible results with their Facebook Ads.  And so can you.  

So let me ask you, “What could you do with an extra 500 leads per day?  How would an additional 50,000 subscribers in the next 100 days change your life?  What offers can you send them?  How much more money will you be making with affiliate sales?  What kind of ROI can you experience with numbers like these?” 

Here's PROOF!
Just so you know, this is no smoke and mirrors promise.  In fact,  here is SOLID PROOF to back up what I’m sharing here: 

Over 500 Leads Per Day with 252k Total Subscribers:

And Ads As Low As Two Cents Per Click:

These are not numbers to sneeze at.  They are as REAL as the screen you’re reading right now.  You can take that screen shot to the forensic lab to make sure it is not ‘photoshopped’ in any way… Oh yeah, I know the internet marketing world!  
Speaking of the Internet Marketing world, let me just share with a you a little of my story because my name is not one you’ll typically find among the marketing “gurus”. And I’ll explain why in a moment -  
But first…    

What Qualifies Me To Talk Like This?
Hi, my name is Ron Douglas. Perhaps I’m best known in the online marketing world as the guy who sold more books and made more mainstream media appearances than any other self-start marketer.
And for sure, I’ve appeared on Good Morning America, Home Shopping Network, Fox News, ABC News, Good Day NY, Fox & Friends, the Wendy Williams Show, the Today Show Australia, theToday Show on MSN, and in People Magazine
What’s more I’ve sold over 1.4 million books through a major publisher, Simon & Schuster, and I’m a New York Times Bestselling author.  
Even before I was picked up by this major publisher, I was able to build a huge subscriber list of over 200,000 between the years 2003 and 2008. 
Those were the days when you could get 10-cent clicks from Adwords and a hoard of affiliates would rush to promote your products on ClickBank.  



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